Adventures FAQ

To complete adventure, we must have a general and an army, which will send with him on adventure island. There are two basic types of generals:

  • Slow General – this is the general, which we can buy at the tavern for coins. He fight two times longer than other generals, so it is always used to “block” camps, which we don’t want to attack. For General from tavern fight time amounts 20 seconds in each round, plus 40 seconds destruction of the camp, after the won all rounds (the last round + destruction of the camp amounts a total of 60 seconds).
  • Fast General – these are the generals that we can buy at the Merchant or get in some events. He is fighting two times faster than the normal General of the tavern, so it is always used for the destruction of the leaders camp. For a quick general fight time amounts of 10 seconds in each round, plus 20 seconds destruction of the camp, after the won all rounds (the last round of + destruction of the camp amounts a total of 30 seconds).

The army sent to the adventures island, can remain without assignment to the general. Remember, however, that at the end of the adventure, and not assigned army to the general, army returns from the adventures 100 minutes (General only 30 minutes).


  • Each adventure posted on the wiki includes several versions for different Generals. At the beginning is show what military units we will need and the generals that we should use. In the version without the blocks, it does not matter what Generals we use (slow or fast). If you decide to block camps, remember that slow general send to blocked camp, and fast on the leader camp. After the destruction of the leader, generals from blocked camp returning to the garrison without loss. The exception is blocking camp from 1 Recruit, which is designed to lock the camp only for 20 seconds.
  • Some of the attacks on the camps need to send two waves of attacks. General after losing the battle must regenerate (slow 4 hours, fast 2 hours). After this time we will be able to re-use general. If the guide is shown that we have, for example: 10x , this means that if we want to pass adventure without waiting, we must have 10 generals.
  • In parentheses are shown the maximum possible loss that can be incurred for the whole adventure: 580 Recruit [-513]


When can I start the adventure?
– yourself you can start an adventure from 26 levels, then you get the adventure “Bounty Hunter” in the tutorial, before level 26, you can do adventure being invited by another player to multiplayer adventure.

How to start the adventure?
– select Star Menu –> here should be an adventure, you click on it and you start

What do the numbers on the window of adventure?
– these numbers indicate the time remaining to complete the adventure: “days.hours.minutes”

What do the numbers on the top of screen the adventure?
– these numbers show units located currently on the adventure island

Where to get the adventure?
– from 26 levels, you can send the explorer in search of adventure, he can bring the adventure or map fragments.
– adventures can also buy from the merchant, for gems/map fragments
– you can also buy from other players.

What is the time and cost of adventures search?
– Short adventure search (required level 26) – Cost: 10 coins 50 sausages – Duration: 24 hours

– Medium adventure search (required level 36) – Cost: 30 coins 150 sausages – Duration: 32 hours

– Long adventure search (required level 42) – Cost: 60 coins 350 sausages – Duration: 48 hours

– Very Long adventure search (required level 56) – Cost: 150 coins 600 sausages – Duration: 72 hours

How to send a military on an adventure?
– click on General, a window appears where you can assign unit to this general, then click on a window of adventure while you are on your island and choose send army.

How long the army going on an adventure?
– 30 minutes in one way in the case of a normal general, 15 minutes in the cases a fast general.

How to check for how long the army will arrive on an adventure?
– being on an adventure, you choose the star menu, after moving mouse to general shows the time remaining to reach.

Can I do adventure a many times?
– yes, except for the adventure of the tutorial, you can do it twice

How complete adventure?
– completing tasks located in the book of quests on an adventure.

When you get loot for adventure?
– when you complete quests on an adventure

What loot I get?
– each adventure has a separate pool of loots, they are available in guides for adventure

What happens if my time is over, and I did not perform quests on an adventure?
– adventure ends, and you will get only experience for defeated individual units, don’t get loot for adventure.

What happens if I cancel adventure?
– in if canceled the adventure you get nothing. If you cancel an adventure, and defeated some enemies on it, after canceling receive experience only for those opponents.

I have a multiplayer adventure, can I do it alone?
– yes (exception is an cooperation adventure)

When a person invited to the adventure gets the loot from it?
– person invited to get loot, must defeat on the adventure of a minimum of one unit.

Are loot the adventure multiplayer is split?
– not every player gets a random loot, from the pool loots.

I sent an invitation to adventure, friend rejected them when I could invite someone again?
– usually 8 hours after the rejection.

What are the blocks in the adventures and what they are?
– block on an adventure is used to limit losses. It depends on blocking the camp before the camp leaders to the general attacker could get to him, without attacking the camp in front of him.
Each camp has a field of influence, the general blocking, fighting with this camp off the field, at that time, General attacker must pass through an area where there was a field of influence.

How to make blocks?
– in adventure guides are information, which camps can be blocked and how to do it.

Why once in the block we are using 1R, and other times soldiers and horse?
– blocks we use 1R have to turn off the field activities of the camp blocking a certain moment, the blocks with the soldiers and horse have to turn off the field actions of the camp blocking by increasing the rounds of the fight against the camp, for such a time that general attacker could defeat the camp leader. In this block we do not lose units.

After completion of adventure disappeared my army not assigned to the general, where it is?
– units not assigned to the general, returning from the adventure alone, the return takes 100 minutes.

What General using to blocks?
– to block use General from the Tavern

During a transfer of the garrison are attacked by the enemy camps?
– no, when you move the garrison on the adventure map, even if the general has to go through the enemy area, we are not attacked.