Playing on Unity by the Old Client (Mac)

Playing by the old client is not supported (old flash technology), so you play at your own risk. Officially, BB declared there would be no bans for playing in this way.

Discord TSO Client:

After each game update/maintenance, we need to download and replace the client.swf file in the client directory:
Download new file client.swf (update 11.07.2024) and replace in game folder.

Download an automatic update client.swf file (Run file as Administrator) (28.06.2022)

TSO Client + Update + Script – 32bit: Download Package (11.07.2024)

If you want to have the latest version of the client, download the package and copy the files from the Ubisoft folder to the game folder.
29.09.2023 – Update the script for the latest version of the client.


Installation a client for Mac users on OSX (tested on MacMini 6.2 OSX Catalina):

1. Go to AppStore, find an application called UserScript by Justin Wasack and install it as an extension for your Safari browser (this will be an analogue script editor for TemperMonkey, as it is not free in AppStore). Also allow SAFARI to use it as an extension.
An alternative option for Chrome is
2. Download Script for TSO Download From Google Disk (01.10.2022)
3. Open SAFARI browser, find this add-on icon (it will be on the left from your browser link address string) and open it. (Before opening, hover your cursor over it and enable the box ENABLE INJECTION).
4. Press + on the left of editor (create new script), select NEW JAVASCRIPT and PASTE all the script you previously copied from the link above. Now save it and TSOlastBreath name will appear in the list of scripts in your editor.
5. Open your TSO webpage, login into your account and now you will see a button OLD CLIENT and HIGHLIGHT one in the left column amongst the other buttons, just above PLAY NOW button.
6. DO not press OLD CLIENT now, as you don’t have it yet.
7. Download a client from this link: double click on it, your Mac will reject installation from unknown sources, go to system preferences, input your Mac password and allow installation for this application – you will see it at the bottom.
8. After this, return to your TSO webpage, refresh it and press OLD CLIENT button. Presumably you have done everything right – the client will start smoothly and quickly and will run until the next BB maintenance.
9. If BB will do the next update you have to replace SFW file here as well. In the folder where you download client, right click on it and select Show Contents, next go to CONTENT\RESOURCES\ The file CLIENT.SFW will be located there. Follow the WIKI guides for updates and TSOmaps webpage for the fresh version of that file and replace it when necessary.

Higlight settings:

Repeat steps 5-8 each time you restart your computer.

1) Install the Client according to the above guide.
2) Check if you can play without highlighting (without checking the “HIGHLIGHT” box, and after clicking the “OLD CLIENT” button, the game loads and you can enter the island.
3) Download the archive from this link to the game folder:
4) Unpack the archive (you will see a normal folder called “tsohld-master”), after that the archive can be deleted. DO NOT delete an unpacked folder.
5) Open this folder in terminal: right click on the folder, select New Terminal in Folder from the drop-down menu (folder in terminal or something similar) here’s the video:
press alt + space at the same time and type a word (you can copy the code below and paste)
terminal (Терминал)
, insert a space and drag the folder to a terminal window, then hit enter.
(for those who understand: with the command ‘cd pathToOurFolder’ go to the unpacked folder)
6)Enter the command in the terminal
./hld &
(for those who understand: we are in the folder where the hld script is located. we run it with this command)
7)Enter the command
ps aux | grep hld

If all went well, you’ll see messages in the terminal window.
8)Go to the client launch page, check the box next to “HIGHLIGHT” and click the “OLD CLIENT” button

PS. To stop the script, you need to run the following command in the terminal:
pkill -9 -f hld

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