The Excelsiors – Letters

Name Appearance LVL EXP Full Description
A Really Sharp Claw 21 1.660 Enter
Strange Idols 21 1.320 Enter
The Larsian Silk Cat (Elaborate Cat Collar) 21 1.500 Enter
“Annoholics” on Tour (A Poster For “Annoholics” Tour) 21 1.670 Enter
“To My Dear Miranda” (A Love Letter In A Bottle) 37 11.500 Enter
Bart The Barterer 37 17.200 Enter
A Vigilante’s Insignia 37 36.100 Enter
Settlers & Bandits (Book Of Characters) 53 65.000 Enter
The Lost Compass 53 340.000 Enter
A Threat? (Mysterious Anonymous Threat) 53 389.600 Enter

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