Playing on Unity by the Old Client (Windows)

We recommend playing through the portable client, which updates automatically. To do this, you need to remove two-factor login and log in directly with your ubisoft account.

Playing by the old client is not supported (old flash technology), so you play at your own risk. Officially, BB declared there would be no bans for playing in this way.

Discord TSO Client:

Download New Sript (18.10.2023)

After each game update/maintenance, we need to download and replace the client.swf file in the client directory:
Download new file client.swf (update 24.04.2024) and replace in folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online

Download an automatic update client.swf file (Run file as Administrator) (28.06.2022)

TSO Client + Update + Script – 32bit: Download Package (24.04.2024)

If you want to have the latest version of the client, download the package and copy the files from the Ubisoft folder to the game folder.
18.10.2023 – Updated the script for the latest version of the client.


Russian Installation Guide (Инструкция по установке клиента для игры)

French Installation Guide (Jouer avec Client)

The script and method of use in the browser is by “Sin aka SirriS”
The program is launched using the client available on the official TSO website.

1. Install the TSO client – “The Settlers Online Installer.exe”
2. Go to the game folder where TSO client is installed, by default :
“C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online”
3. Copy and replace all files from the Ubisoft folder to the game folder.

If you don’t see the file extension (exe, swf, etc.) you need to enter: Folder Options/View/Hide extensions for known file types (uncheck)

4. Download/install the browser extension Tampermonkey (an add-on for scripting) for “Chrome” or “Brawe” from link:

5. After installation, a new extension icon will appear, click on it and select “Add New Script”
6. A window with the script editor will appear – don’t worry, everything is fine. Minimize the browser window.
7. Go to your download folder and open the file in “notepad” “ScriptTSO.txt”.
Copy the content and paste into the script open in the browser and save by clicking “File” -> “Save”
8. Now close the browser and restart it.
9.Log in to the game.
10. After logging in, a new button will appear in the menu on the “Play By The Client” page – click there instead of clicking the “PLAY” button .
11. The browser will ask us whether to open this game with the client, mark it to remember the choice and click yes.
12. After a while, it will load us with the old version of the game in the client.


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