You can enter the achievements system by clicking this icon under the avatar:

Achievements give you points but you can also get gems or other rewards.

The maximum number achievements points to gain: 23.100

Achievements are divided into several categories:

General Game Home Island Specialists Quests
Economy Buildings Upgrades Buffs Production Storage Trade
Military Generals Battle Troops
Skills Books Specializations
Social Guild Friends
Colonies Attack Defence
Scenarios General Information Scenario Specific Buffs And Resources
Common Island Of The Pirates Witch Of The Swamp Horseback Traitors
Stealing From The Rich The Dark Priests Outlaws Old Friends Sons Of The Veld
Bandit’s Nest Gunpowder The Lost Skull Tropical Sun Victor The Vicious
Motherly Love The Nords Secluded Experiments Suprise Attacks The Black Knights
Roaring Bull The Dark Brotherhood The Heroic Little Tailor Ali Baba And The Third Thief El Chupacabra
The People Of The Mountain A Giant Battle Sinbad And The Sea Snake The Lost City Cultist Adventure Season

The total value of rewards from all achievements: 4.901 , 1850 , 1700 , 3350


Points do not count towards the rest of the achievements

Easter Halloween Christmas Football Valentines Anniversary
Easter 2015 Halloween 2015 Christmas 2015
Easter 2016 Halloween 2016 Christmas 2016 Football 2016
Easter 2017 Halloween 2017 Christmas 2017
Easter 2018 Halloween 2018 Christmas 2018 Football 2018 Anniversary 2018
Easter 2019 Halloween 2019 Christmas 2019 Football 2019 Valentines 2019 Anniversary 2019
Easter 2020 Halloween 2020 Christmas 2020 Football 2020 Valentines 2020 Anniversary 2020
Easter 2021 Halloween 2021 Christmas 2021 Football 2021 Valentines 2021 Anniversary 2021
Easter 2022 Halloween 2022 Christmas 2022 Football 2022 Valentines 2022 Anniversary 2022
Easter 2023 Halloween 2023 Christmas 2023 Football 2023 Valentines 2023 Anniversary 2023
Easter 2024 Football 2024 Valentines 2024


Achievements appear after their capture

General – Home Island

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Mass Construction Have 1 temporary building queue slot
Builders Boon Have 1 Permanent Build Queue Slot
Infrastructure Build 10 km of Roads on your island (500 segments)
Hoarder Have 100 non- specialist items in the star menu

Militray – Generals

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Pathfinder Generals travelled more than 100 hours by sea
The Stranger Own 1 event special general in your star menu

Military – Troops

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Undertaker Loss a total of .1000 recruits in battles

Economy – Buildings

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Wonderland Build 100 decorative Buildings on your Island
Celebration Build 20 event related decorations on the map

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