Appearance Name Decription Cost
Granite Hammer Add 500 granite to deposits. 65
Titan Pickaxe Add 500 titanium ore to deposits. 75
Salt Enrichment Add 500 salpetre to deposits. 99
Enhanced gold pickaxe Add 5.000 gold ore to deposits. 750
Enhanced iron pickaxe Add 7.500 iron ore to deposits. 450
Omniseeds Use on any deposit and add 250 units. 50
Steel Chisel Use on stone deposit and add 500 stone. 35
Rabbit Food Use on wild deposits and add 1000 wild. 45
Very Very Old Wood Use on coal deposits and add 2000 coal. 35
Lady Fish Use on fish shoals and add 2000 fish. 35
Copper Diviner Use on copper deposits and add 500 cooper. 35
Marble Manager Use on marble deposits and add 500 marble. 45
Iron Diviner Use on iron deposits and add 750 iron. 45
Golden Parrot Use on gold deposits and add 500 gold. 75

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