Playing on Unity by the Old Client (Linux)

Playing by the old client is not supported (old flash technology), so you play at your own risk. Officially, BB declared there would be no bans for playing in this way.

Download the TSO Client + Updates + Script – 32bit: Download From Google Disk (15.03.2023)

After each game update/maintenance, we need to download and replace the client.swf file in the client directory:
Download new file client.swf (update 15.03.2023) and replace in folder.

Download an automatic update client.swf file (Run file as Administrator) (28.06.2022)
The new client.swf file is usually available about one hour after completion of maintenance (the date on the site may be changed with a delay).


1. Install docker engine
2. Run client.

Link on dockerhub with readme:
Tested on gentoo and debian linux.
To update client after maintenance simply pull latest image.
You can specify username, password and region with env variables like -e USERNAME=mail -e PASSWORD=pass -REGION=en

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