from level 65

Origin: Mountain Clan Campaign

In the building we can activate zone buffs:

Appearance Name Description Costs
Barracks Celebration Increases the recruitment speed in Barracks and Elite Barracks about 2x for 4 hours
Cooldown: 47 hours
14.000 + 9.600 + 175
Provisioner Banquet Increases the production of Provision House and Rarity Provision House about 2x for 4 hours.
Cooldown: 47 hours
13.500 + 9.200 + 135
Craftsmen Feast Increases the production of Weaponsmith (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Damascene, Platinum, Epic), Maker (Bow, Longbow, Crossbow, Arquebuse), Cannon Forge, Foundry, Stable (Normal, Elite, Epic) about 2x for 4 hours.
Cooldown: 47 hours
6.200 + 5.600 + 540

Immediately Build a Building: 1

Move a Building: free