Spring Park

from level 17

Origin: Easter Event 2018

Level 1
Build Cost 2.645
Build Time 40 seconds

In the building we can activate zone buffs:

Appearance Name Description Costs
Spring Festival Reduces production time in Provision House and Rarity Provision House about 2x for 8 hours.
Cooldown: 47 hours
750 + 2.000
Spring Cleaning Increases the production of buildings: Improved Farm, Improved Mill, Improved Bakery, Improved Silo, Improved Watermill, Improved Butcher, Improved Deerstalker Hut about 3x for 6 hours.
Cooldown: 47 hours
1.000 + 1.500
Walpurgis Night Highlights all collectibles on your home island with blue arrows for 5 minutes
Cooldown: 47 hours

Immediately Upgrade a Building: 1

Move a Building: free