Valentines Event 2019 – Merchant

Appearance Name Description Cost
Small Flower Package Use on Mayors House to get 100 Valentine Flowers. 149
Large Flower Package Use on Mayors House to get 1.000 Valentine Flowers. 1.490
Flower Farm (max 3) Produces Flowers from the included Flower Deposits. 50
Fertilizer: Flower Farm Resurrects Building and add 10 Valentine Flowers to deposit. 75
Charming Geologists (max 1) Grants 50% chance of finding Iron, Titanium and Saltpeter deposits that can be mined faster. 669
Lovely Explorer (max 1) Always returns the highest possible amount of resources from treasure search tasks.
+100% task speed.
Love Garden (max 2) Starts area buff on residences, which is used to trigger zone wide effects and new content. 3.290
Observatory (max 1) Produces star charts which decrease travel time for generals. 2.690
Weather Control Station (max 1) Triggers weather conditions, which influence combat on adventure. 5.290
Decorative Flower Farm Build a Decorative Flower Farm. 269
Valentine Pavillion Build a Valentine Pavillion. 669
Cupid Statue Build a Cupid Statue. 369
Heart Tree Build a Heart Tree. 199
Valentine Fountain Build a Valentine Fountain. 129
Valentine Vegetation Build a Valentine Vegetation. 129
Valentine Bench Build a Valentine Bench. 129
Heart Flowerbed Build a Heart Flowerbed. 69
Recipe: Normal Star Charts (max 1) Unlocks Normal Star Chart in Observatory. 329
Recipe: Detailed Star Charts (max 1) Unlocks Detailes Star Chart in Observatory. 669
Celebration Of Love Zone Buff. Replaces buff sparkles with heart for 7 days. 269
Flower Rain Zone Buff. Lets flower petals rain from the sky for 7 days. 269