Geologist use to find new deposits of stone, marble, copper, iron, coal and gold. Each mine has a limited number of mineral so after her exploitation we re-discover it.

Appearance Name How To Get The Geologist Additional Features Cost
Normal Geologist Available in Tavern First: 100
Second: 300
Third: 600
Jolly Geologist Available from Merchant in Black Market section Can find new deposits faster than a normal geologist. 300
Conscientious Geologist Available during Halloween Event Find an additional deposit on every search (wherever possible). 375
Iron-Willed Geologist Available during Easter Event Finds Iron Ore deposits of twice the normal size, in half the normal time. 1.195
Stone Cold Geologist Available during Championship Event Find stone, marble, and granite deposits of twice the normal size, in half the normal time. 1.295
Versed Geologist Available during Christmas Event Finds 50% bigger deposits, 50% faster and has a 50% chance of finding an additional deposit.
Works on all types of deposits.
Charming Geologist Available during Valentines Event Finds 100% bigger deposits for Iron, Titanium and Saltpeter.
In additions there is a 100% chance to finds deposits of those types that can be mined faster.
Gold-hearted Geologist Available during Easter Event Finds gold ore deposits of twice the normal size, in half the normal time and refills another random gold deposit with 100 gold ore after a successful search. 1.495
Archeological Geologist Available during Easter Event Has a 25% chance of finding treasure when successfully discovering a deposit (coal, gold, granite, titanium, saltpeter).
This can be a deposit refiller, a buff or even book.
Thorough Geologist Available during Anniversary Event He takes three time as long on deposit searches, but he also find three times bigger deposits.
Diligent Geologist Available durin Anniversary Event Needs 6 times as long for more searches, but has a chance to find two great treasures along the way.
Found deposits are 50% bigger for most searches.
Chummy Geologist Available during Halloween Event 2020 Needs 50% more time for find depoists: coal, gold, titanium, granite, saltpeter.
Needs 50% less time for find depoists: stone, copper, marble, iron.
Chance to return with a Chocolate Rabbit, Chocolate Pralines or Chocolate Covered Arrows from searches.

Exploration Time:

2 minutes (from 4 lvl) 5 minutes (from 9 lvl) 30 minutes (from 19 lvl)
1 hour (from 20 lvl) 4 hours (from 23 lvl) 4 hours (from 24 lvl)
8 hours (from 60 lvl) 8 hours (from 61 lvl) 8 hours (from 62 lvl)

Geologist has many skills that can be developed through appropriate addition of books, produced at the bookbinder

Place deposits on the map

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