Game Updates:

  • Update 19.07.2016

    NEW FEATURES: Premium Time Display: Premium time is now displayed in the Zone-wide buffs window. Hours and minutes remaining are also displayed. The avatar display for remaining Premium Time is removed. Trade Office Limitations: Default Limitation values when setting up …read more

  • Update 07.06.2016

    NEW FEATURES: The Summer 2016 Event is implemented to be activated worldwide on June 14th 01.00 BST. A pre-event conversion is planned. Guild Quest Rebalancing: Based on player feedback, the feature is rebalanced. Guild Quests are now activated every day …read more


  • The Excelsior

    Added information about new buidling “The Excelsior”

  • 21.07.2016

    Updated guide Buffs

  • 18.07.2016

    Updated guide Boxes Updated attacks in adventure The Dark Brotherhood – General …read more

  • 16.07.2016

    Event Archive was complemented for all previous events.

Actual Events:



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