Game Updates:

  • Update 18.10.2016

    NEW FEATURES: The start of the Halloween Event. A decorative item similar to the Pumpkin cemetery is now available in the in-game merchant. The option to disable PvP related tasks from the Pathfinder has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: A red cross is now visible on the failed subquest when “Tikki Island” adventure has been canceled. The window size of the browser is now taken into account when avatar messages are being displayed. The landing zones in …read more

  • Update 28.09.2016

    CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Universal refillers can be requested in the trade again. Gem and Crystal icons have now more vivid colors in the Excelsior UI. Visual glitch connected to an empty reward screen in the Excelsior UI should not occur anymore. One of the issues that could cause an error while playing the Dragon’s Roost venture has been fixed. Improved loading sequence has been implemented in order to address prolonged loading times.


  • 22.10.2016

    Added first informations about Chrismtas Event 2016

  • 17.10.2016

    Added versions of attacks for venture Hansel And Gretel – General …read more

  • 12.10.2016

    Added versions of attacks for venture The Fisherman And His Wife …read more

  • 08.10.2016

    Added information about building Jungle Residence. Updated section Buildings From Adventures.

  • 03.10.2016

    Updated the last block in adventure The Clever Little Tailor (all …read more


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