Game Updates:

  • Update 21.03.2017

    NEW FEATURES: The technical implementation of the Easter Event: new buildings, new decorations and a new specialist will become available worldwide on March 28th, at 00:01 GMT. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Fixed an issue with retreating that causes generals on the wait queue to start attacking. All production quests will now trigger for completion. Avatar notifications are only displayed to the player who is sending …read more

  • Update 21.02.2017

    NEW FEATURES: 3 new generals are available in the merchant. Each can only be acquired once. If you already have one of them from the Christmas event Calendar, you won’t be able to buy it from the merchant, but you will still be able to buy the other 2 generals. A new buff available at the merchant “Decorations” category, granting a new Excelsior skin …read more