Game Updates:

  • Update 24.01.2017

    NEW FEATURES: Adventures are now stacked in the Star Menu. A new zone buff relocating the remaining collectibles on the map is now available in the Provision house. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The arctic iron mine received by opening the calendar door 30 will no longer be recurring. Newly acquired specialists can now be sorted by date in the Star …read more

  • Update 13.12.2016

    CHRISTMAS EVENT 2016: Start: The Christmas Event starts worldwide on December 15th (approximately 00:01 GMT) Features: Three new Anteria Generals, new event achievements and a new buff called “Winter Paint”. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Changing the production order in the Rarity Provision House is saved properly now. Applying Sandman’s Powder on your island will trigger the specific icon in the …read more


Incoming Events:

Easter Event 2017
Start: ?.?.2017
End: ?.?.2017

Science System:


Test Server: