Game Updates:

  • Update 15.11.2016

    NEW FEATURES: 20 new daily quests that use and reward the new resources introduced with the Level Cap Raise are added to the game. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Avatar buttons and their corresponding tooltips can only be accessed in their due hitboxes. The production times for Barracks and Elite barracks are now displayed correctly with an active “Recruitment Guide”. Tactical event resources …read more

  • Update 18.10.2016

    NEW FEATURES: The start of the Halloween Event. A decorative item similar to the Pumpkin cemetery is now available in the in-game merchant. The option to disable PvP related tasks from the Pathfinder has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: A red cross is now visible on the failed subquest when “Tikki Island” adventure has been canceled. The window size of the …read more



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