Game Updates:

  • Update 21.02.2017

    NEW FEATURES: 3 new generals are available in the merchant. Each can only be acquired once. If you already have one of them from the Christmas event Calendar, you won’t be able to buy it from the merchant, but you will still be able to buy the other 2 generals. A new buff available at the merchant “Decorations” category, granting a new Excelsior skin for 14 …read more

  • Update 24.01.2017

    NEW FEATURES: Adventures are now stacked in the Star Menu. A new zone buff relocating the remaining collectibles on the map is now available in the Provision house. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The arctic iron mine received by opening the calendar door 30 will no longer be recurring. Newly acquired specialists can now be sorted by date in the Star Menu. PvP camps will no longer change …read more


Incoming Events:

Easter Event 2017
Start: ?.?.2017
End: ?.?.2017

Science System: