Game Updates:

  • Update 13.12.2016

    CHRISTMAS EVENT 2016: Start: The Christmas Event starts worldwide on December 15th (approximately 00:01 GMT) Features: Three new Anteria Generals, new event achievements and a new buff called “Winter Paint”. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Changing the production order in the Rarity Provision House is saved properly now. Applying Sandman’s Powder on your island will trigger the specific icon in the …read more

  • Update 15.11.2016

    NEW FEATURES: 20 new daily quests that use and reward the new resources introduced with the Level Cap Raise are added to the game. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Avatar buttons and their corresponding tooltips can only be accessed in their due hitboxes. The production times for Barracks and Elite barracks are now displayed correctly with an active “Recruitment Guide”. Tactical …read more


Actual Events:


Planned Guides with Champions:

  • Ali Baba And The Third Thief
  • TheBetrayed Little Tailor
  • Roaring Bull (quick loot)
  • The Dark Brotherhood (quick loot)
  • the Clever Little Tailor
  • The Heroic Little Tailor
  • Stealing From The Rich
  • Outlaws
  • Traitors
  • Bandit Nest
  • Arctic Explosion
  • El Chupacabra
  • Tropical Sun
  • Lost Skull
  • and more...