Game Updates:

  • Update 10.10.2017

    NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event will be technically implemented in the game and activated on a worldwide basis on October 17th. Bronze Horseshoes buff: Adds 15% movement speed to all generals on an adventure. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The adventure difficulty level will now be displayed in the invitation mail. Wardog stacks are now properly reduced after attacks in Expeditions. Sending generals to the Star menu or adventure zones should no longer cause freezes in the game. Hit points status bar in battle reports have …read more

  • Update 13.09.2017

    NEW FEATURES: The Larsian Silk Cat: New short quest chain, based on the winning entry by Julie3 (can be acquired through short letters). Of Songs and Curses: New venture, based on the winning entry by Thejollyone (can be acquired through rough travel guides). Adventure categorization has been adjusted in order to be easier to understand. New Guild house upgrade levels have been added to the game. The levels are based on the member limit unlocking at 30 members (level 2), 45 members (level …read more


Latest Buildings:

Improved Bakery


Scarry Tree

Latest Adventures:

Latest Items:

General Mary Christmas
(06.10.2017 – test server)

Platinum Horseshoes

Bronze Horseshoes


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