Game Updates:

  • Update 20.09.2016

    NEW FEATURES: The Excelsior is available on the homezone from level 21 on and it opens up new content. When purchasing temporary building slots, the duration is now displayed in the tooltip. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS : Improvements to reduce the frequency of locked zones. The Epic Woodyard can now be built on the archipelago. Exotic Tree’s tooltip has been updated in the Economy Overview. …read more

  • Update 23.08.2016

    NEW FEATURES: Star Menu filters/sorting/search: Star Menu improvements are made to be able to cope with the massive amount of items some players have. Guild Market Update: New items are available in the Guild category of the merchant. Size of chat window: The size of the chat window is now saved during one game session. Additional ways/shortcuts to access the Trade Office and the …read more



Test Server: