Game Updates:

  • Update 15.08.2017

    CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Excelsior’s shield icon has been removed. Generals can no longer be sent to an expedition. Resources from colonies can always be claimed now. Currently active expeditions will not show a false status anymore in the Colony Overview. The description of five scenario achievements has been adjusted in order to avoid confusion. The description of the …read more

  • Update 18.07.2017

    NEW FEATURES: On July 24th, at 10:00 CEST, we will surprise you with an awesome, never-seen-before, very colourful and exciting event. More details will be published with the event start. New options are available to hide the capacity indicators (full storage, missing resources, sleeping state). CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The quest chain “Mission ‘Free home zone’” has been adjusted …read more


Latest Buildings:

Improved Bakery
(10.08.2017 – test server)

Scarry Tree
(26.07.2017 – test server)

Improved Mill

Latest Adventures:

The Larsian Silk Cat (Elaborate Cat Collar)
(20.07.2017 – test server)

Of Songs And Curses
(20.07.2017 – test server)

Snow White

Latest Items:

Platinum Horseshoes
(10.08.2017 – test server)

(24.07.2017 – The Black Knights Event)

255 Shades Of Black
(24.07.2017 – The Black Knights Event)