Appearance Name Decription Cost
Improved Silo Places a Improved Silo, which refills fields three times as fast as the regular silo 1.995 13
Rarity Provision House
(max 1)
Places a Rarity Provision House which produces powerful buffs 3.495 7
Floating Resitence
(max 3)
Build a floating residence on the water with a capacity of 40 settlers 290 5
Village School
(max 3)
Accelerates appearance of new settlers – one settler at 2h 750 1
Gem Pit
(max 10)
Allows you to extract gems (gem 40,000 deposit) 20.000 1
Endless Cooper Mine
(max 3)
Copper mine, the decks will never run out 20.000 1
Granite Pit
(max 1)
Contains 3.000 units of granite but consumes 3 deposits units
per upgrade level. Refillable. Buffable
Will not be refunded when demolished
1.975 26
10 Building Licenses
(max 33)
Increase maximum building limit by 10 (Use on Mayor’s House) 650 1
Noble Residence Deed Build a house, whith room for 30 population. 95 5
Trade Office Deed
(max 1)
Place Trade Office. 450 1
Guild House Deed
(max 1)
Place Guild House 1250 17
Artesian Well Deed Build an Artesian Well containing 6,000 water 95 13
Watermill Build a Watermill which produced unlimited water. 895 13
Wheatfield Deed. Build a Packed Wheatfield containing 3.000 units of wheat. 95 13
Silo Build a silo, which will sow your field. 750 13
Improved Storehouse Improved store adds 300 space to our warehouse. 750 5
Friary Produces 4 times as much brew as the regular brewery. 2.450 1
Recycling Manufactory
(max 3)
Places Manufactory for the production of coal. 990 1
Deerstalker Hut Produce meat, do not use the deposit. 1.995 1
Improved Deerstalker Hut Produces meat 2x as fast as the regular hunter. 3.495 1
FishFarm Produces fish automatically without need for a fish deposit. 845 6
Improved Farm Produces wheat 3x as fast as the regular farm. 845 13
Improved Watermill Produces water 3x as fast as the regular watermill. 2.395 13
Improved Butcher Produces sausages 3x as fast as the regular butcher. 1.874 13
Improved Mill Produces flour three times as fast as a regular mill 975 16
Improved Bakery Produces bread three times as fast as the regular bakery. 1.495 16