Achievements – Common

Common – 1.090 points

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
The Spoils Of War Complete your first adventure
Force Exploration Complete 10 adventures
The Endless Campaign Complete 100 adventures 200
Land-lovers Win Complete 5 adventures against pirates
Breaking The Cult Complete 5 adventures against cultist
Repaying a Debt Complete 5 adventures against mercenaries
Bandit Bungle Complete 5 adventures against bandits
Brawling With Barbarians Complete 5 adventures against barbarians
Planning The Campaign Own more than 5 adventures of any kind in the star menu
Time Abroad Play more than 50 hours of adventures
Remember Your Roots! Play more than 1.000 hours of adventures
Upstart Adventurer Complete all normal adventures at least once 200
Making a Name Complete all uncommon adventures at least once 200
Rugged Veteran Complete all rare adventures at least once 200
The Fight Of Ages Complete all epic adventures at least once 200
Arabian Knight Complete all “Arabian Night” adventures at least once 1001

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