Achievements – Christmas 2015

Christmas Event – Christmas 2015 – 250 Points

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Jolly Dispatcher Comlete the quest “Deliver Presents” 20
Reactive Rescuer Complete the quest “Reindeers Missing” 20
Proactive Protector Comlete the quest “The Evildoer” 30
Adoorable Open 10 advent calendar doors. 10
Endoorsement Open all advent calendar doors. 20
Santa’s Little Helper Produce 1 Basket with Presents in your Mayor’s House. 10
Santa’s Assistant Produce 5 Baskets with Presents in your Mayor’s House. 20
Santa’s Right Hand Produce 10 Baskets with Presents in your Mayor’s House. 30
Croaker’s Trail Explorers brought back 200 presents. 10
Croaker’s Stash Explorers brought back 400 presents. 20
Croaker’s Treasury Explorers brought back 600 presents. 30
A Time For Giving Apply 100 buffs to your friends building. 30

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