Achievements – Buffs

Buffs – 630 points

Name Appearance Quest Points Reward
Best Buddies Use 10 Buffs on your friend’s islands
Brotherhood Use 1.000 buffs on your friend’s islands
People Person Have 1 building buffed by a friend
Socialite Have 100 buildings buffed by friend
Fish Apocalypse Make 50 Fish Platters
Aunt Irma’s Overtime Make 1.000 Aunt Irma’s Gift Baskets
Cloak and Butter Knife Make 1.000 Retired Bandits
Sea Of Bread Use 100.000 units of Fishfood
“Fragrance” Use 100.000 units of Musk Deer Fragrance
More Sunflowers Apply Sunflower Fertilizer buff at least 10 times on your own island. 60

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