Old Ruins – YGG (Bruenor)


  • 2x
  • 1x Rain Of Twig Arrows
  • 2 Recruit


Overrun 3/3
First Aid 1/3

The walls are attacked by MGG with 1 recruit.
The generals will destroy all camps on their way.
Destroy camp 3 with any arrows. (the cheapest are chocolate, blacktree or twig arrows)

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
G1 1 60 Ranger, One-eyed Bert 1 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit
2 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit [losses: 0]
G2 2 100 Grey Wolf, Croaker 1 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit [losses: 0]
G2 3 Night Spawn 1 wave Rain Of Twig Arrows [losses: 0]

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