Traitors – GHOST (etranger)


  • 690 Militia [-356]


First Aid 3/3
Overrun 3/3
Battle Frenzy 3/3
Cleave 3/3
Garrison Annex 3/3

The numbers of the attacks correspond to the numbers of the camps on the map. The general destroys other camps along the way.
For speeding up, you can send 3x Ghosts.

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
G1 1 60 Longbowman, 40 Soldier 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Militia [losses: 25M]
G2 5 100 Longbowman, 60 Soldier 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Militia [losses: 151M]
G2 8 60 Soldier, 60 Longbowman, 60 Cavalry, Sir Robin, Big Bertha 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Militia [losses: 180M]

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