Witch Of The Swamp – YGG (reversi)


  • 2x
  • 2 Recruit


First Aid 3/3
Juggernaut 3/3
Overrun 2/3
Battle Frenzy 3/3
Unstoppable Charge 2/3
1-Up 1/1

Usually, after returning the general, you must repeat the attack on the witch tower, but usually only these two attacks are enough to complete the adventure.

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
G1 1 100 Cultist, 99 Dark Priest, Swamp Witch 1 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit
2 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit
3 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit [losses: 0]

  1. first attack to tower left
    23 cutlist and witch

    2nd attack left the witch

    this is not a 2 attack map

  2. You can also do this with x3 YGG with different skills to the above

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