The Dark Brotherhood (royleeinator)


  • 1xBallista
  • 1xAssassine
  • 2xWeak Point Potion

Can be done with 3 Weakpoint Potion. Just replace Assassin with Weakpoint Potion.

No need to send any Generals, this is all done with Adventure Buffs. The Host (Player 1) will open the adventure and place the first 2 buffs on the Witch Tower. Ballista MUST be first. Then Assassin is dropped. The Host may use a Weakpoint Potion to replace the Assassin if they want.

Players 2 and 3 will drop a Weakpoint Potion on the Witch Tower. If the Host dropped a Weakpoint Potion, player 2 OR 3 can use an Assassin. Note: Only 1 Assassin can be used per camp. Weakpoint Potion is unlimited.

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
P1 1 2 Night Spawn, 66 Dancing Dervish, 66 Firedancer, 66 Shadowsneaker 1 wave Ballista
2 wave Assassin,
3 wave Weak Point Potion
4 wave Weak Point Potion

  1. I must note the intent of this run is strictly to obtain oilseed.
    During events which hold triple loot output this turns 150/300 into 450/900 *1.5 for drops of 675 or 1350 oilseed per adv.
    With 30% drop rate favoring top end we can average 900~1000 oilseed per adventure over large numbers.

    To spend such cost outside of this makes no sense. But to spend such little time to farm oilseed in the thousands within an hour is unmatched through any other means.

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