The Dark Priests – YGG (Łukasz)


  • 2x
  • 2 Recruit


Juggernaut 3/3
First Aid 1/3
Overrun 2/3
1-Up 1/1

Instead of 1 recruit, you can use, for example, 1 elite soldier or crossbowman, which will allow you to complete the “Bring The Big Guns” achievement.

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
G1 1 40 Cultist, 40 Shadowsneaker, 40 Dark Priest, High Dark Priest 1 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit
2 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit [losses: 0]
G1 2 40 Cultist, 30 Dark Priest, 20 Shadowsneaker, Swamp Witch 1 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit
2 wave (YGG) 1 Recruit [losses: 0]

  1. beware you send to castle he will leave the boss
    send him 2nd time to defeat boss )1UP USED)

    send to bone church he leaves boss
    ygg must then recover so there is a wait before you last attack


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