Of Songs And Curses – GHOST (Peterh445)


  • 280 Elite Soldier [-47]


First Aid 3/3
Overrun 3/3
Unstoppable Charge 3/3
Garrison Annex 3/3
Cleave 2/3
Lightning Slash 1/1

Check the skills required for the Ghost.
The losses are what is in the Ghost and not in the report as Gen gets 20% troops back.
Send attacks to camps and General will destroy other camps along the way.
We don’t need to attack camps 6-7 to complete the adventure.

Garrison Camp Enemy Units Our Attacks
G1 1 14 Royal Longbowman, 12 Royal Militia 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Elite Soldier [losses: 22ES]
G2 2 20 Thug, 20 Caltrop, One-Eyed Bert 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Elite Soldier [losses: 5ES]
G3 4 40 Stone Thrower, Chuck 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Elite Soldier [losses: 12ES]
G4 5 175 Grey Wolf, 15 Wolf Packleader 1 wave (GHOST) 230 Elite Soldier [losses: 8ES]

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