Balloon Market

from level ?

Origin: Anniversary Event 2021-2023 5.999
Anniversary Event 2021-2022 Event Quest
Horrific Halloween Bundle (100%)

In the building we can produce buffs:

Need a patent construction: NO
Size building: 2×2 field
Possibility of improving: NO
Can trade: NO
After the demolition returns to star menu: YES
Appearance Name Description Costs Production Time
Heart Balloon Increases production of Rabbit Breeding about 6x for 4 hour 400
26:00 hours
Dog Balloon Increases production of Brewery, Friary, Friar Tribute about 5x for 24 hours 150
26:00 hours
A Handful Of Balloons Reduces production time in Provision House about 6x for 12 hours 70
26:00 hours


Number Of Buildings: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Time: 26:00h 13:00h 08:40h 06:30h 05:12h 04:20h 03:43h 03:15h 02:53h 02:36h

Immediately Upgrade a Building: 10

Move a Building: free

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