Christmas Event 2013 – Merchant

Appearance Name Description Price
Rarity Provision House Places a Rarity Provision House which produces powerful buffs 995
Arctic Iron Mine Places on an iron Mine deposit
Produces iron ore as a regular level 5 iron mine
Depletes when the deposit is empty
Gets not refunded when teared down
Hot Lemon Tea Use on village school to increase output threefold for 24 hours 60
Deerstalker Hut (max 2) Produce Meat in 8 minutes 1 – 5 stuck
(depends on the level of the building) does not benefit from the deposit.
Chrismtas Tree (small) Places a Chrismtas Tree (small) 40
Chrismtas Tree Places a Chrismtas Tree 60
Snowman Places a Snowman 40
Small Present package Use on Mayor’s House to get 30 Present 90
Large Present package Use on Mayor’s House to get 100 Present 300
Christmas Feast Use on Mayor’s House and increase output sixfold for 2 hours 50
Recycling Manufactory (max 2) Places a Recycling Manufactory. 295
Cookies Use on workyard and triple output for 32 hours 80
The Fermentation Accelerator Use on Brewery or Friary to quadruple output for 24 hours 60
A Thousand Snowflakes Will cover your island with snow. 40
Solar Flare Removes the snow from your island. 1
Save The Christmas Feat Adventure 95
The Stolen Sleight Adventure 95
More Secluded Experiments Adventure 95
Return To The Bandit Nest Adventure 95
Master Architect Decoration items and Buildings. 95
Exotic Flotsam Deposit re-fillers, resources and Buffs. 95

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