Easter Event 2012 – Merchant

Appearance Name Description Cost
Veteran (max 1) Recover twice as quickly from defeat
Travels twice as quickly to adventures
Amount of units increased to 250
Experienced Explorer (max 1) Completes all his tasks twice as fast as an ordinary explorer 420
Raving Rabbit Statue Build a Raving Rabbit Statue 180
Samll Easter Egg Basket Add 100 Easter Eggs to your storage 340
Big Easter Egg Basket Add 300 Easter Eggs to your storage 895
Watermill (max 3) Build a Watermill 240
Rabbit Lucky Charm Use on workyard and increase output threefold for 48 hours 120
Mineral Rabbit Use on coal deposit and add 6.000 coal 60
Rabbit Farm Field Build a Rabbit Farm Field containing 6.000 units of wheat 60

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