Valentines Event 2023 – Event Quests

Name Description Reward
Side Main
Sea Of FLowers Reach a Higher Reach Reach Level 16 10 100
Sweetened Notes Open the Event Window 10
Bedded in Flowers Have at least 1 Flower Farm on your island. 10
Unique Odour Add 10 from your star menu to any deposit. 10
Happy Valentines Produce at least 5 Flower Bonquest
Apply 5 Flower Bonquet on your friends island
5 Flower Bonquet applied by your friends.
Be My Valentine Produce at least 3 Valentine Card Box
Open 3 Valentine Card Box
Apply at least 3 Valentine Cards on your friend farms.
Have 3 Valentine Cards applied to your farms.
Reunion Of Lovers Produce at least 300
Have 3 Valentine Cards applied on your farms.
Have active buff: Family Day.
Haveactivebuff: Heart Lockets

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