Marvelous All-In-One Package

from level ?

Origin: Merchant: Black Market (max 1) 29.999

  • 1x Champion Vargus
  • 1x Archeological Geologist
  • 1x Humble Explorer
  • 1x Endless Iron Mine
  • 1x Oil Mill
  • 1x Adventure Bookbinder
  • 1x Tree House
  • 1x Improved Floating Residence
  • 1x Small Riverhouse
  • 1x 500 Oil
  • 1x Premium Friend Buff
  • 30 Premium Days (split into 3x 7days, 2x 3days, and 3x 1day)
  • 5x Hugs and Kisses
  • 5x Assassin
  • 5x Big Catapult
  • 5x Rain of Arrows
  • 5x Rain of Flaming Arrows
  • 5x Ballista

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