Mystery Christmas Decoration Box

from level 1

Origin: Christmas Event 2023 350
Christmas Event 2023 195

Possible Rewards:

  • 2x Improved Floating Residence Winter Skin (15 days)
  • 1x Change Skin: Christmas Mayor´s House (15 days)
  • 2x Change Skin: Small Christmas Residence (15 days)
  • 2x Change Skin: Medium Christmas Residence (15 days)
  • 2x Change Skin: Big Christmas Residence (15 days)
  • 1x Christmas Tree (Small)
  • 1x Christmas Tree
  • 1x Snowman
  • 2x Christmas Bench
  • 1x Christmas Hut
  • 2x Pile of Gifts
  • 1x Christmas Pyramid
  • 2x Candy Cane Lantern
  • 1x Nutcracker Memorial

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