Chocolate Rabbit

from level 1

Origin: Merchant: Black Market 125
Mysterious Easter Box 89 (4%)
Buddy’s Valentine Suprise 95 (19%)
Easter Event 2015-2024 85
Easter Event 2013-2014 45
Midsummer Night Event 2015 65
Return To The Bandit Nest (70%)
Tomb Raiders (38%)
The Whirlwind (38%)
Where Do Easter Egg Come From (50%)
The Valiant Little Tailor (2%)
The Heroic Little Tailor (2%)
The Clever Little Tailor (2%)
The Betrayed Little Tailor (2%)
The Sons Of The Little Tailor (2%)
Colorful Bag (100%)
Colorful Box (100%)
Colorful Chest (100%)
Trade: YES
Effect: Reduces production time in Provision House about 2x

Duration Time 12:00 hours
Duration Time Buff From Friend 18:00 hours
Duration Time Buff From Friend having Premium 19:48 hours

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