Prestigious Friend Buff

from level 1

Origin: Merchant: Epic Items 10.000 Cooldown: 30 days
Merchant: Premium 3.000 Cooldown: no
Duration: 15 days

  • All single production buff effect are doubled.
  • 50% bonus XP from adventures. Stacks with Premium XP boost
  • 50% faster production at barracks and elite barracks (on top of all other boosts)
  • 50% faster production at the provision house and rarity provision house (ot top of all other boost)
  • Weapon production speed is boosted by 50%
  • All specialist tasks are boosted by 20%
  • This buff can only be applied to a friend, not on your home island.
  • The XP boost for adventures needs to be active before you finish the adventure.
  • Reapplying the buff will restart the buff and any remaining time will not be carried over.

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