Update 20.03.2018

NEW FEATURES: The technical implementation of the Easter Event: a new building, a new specialist and new buffs will become available worldwide on March 26th, at around 10:00 CEST. A new horseshoe buff will be available in the “Epic Items” category at the in-game merchant. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Description of the Quality Shaft skills for […]


Added first information about two new ventures: Uknown Regions and Mountain Labyrinth (main page) Updated information about new venture At The Foot Of The Mountain (main page)

Changelog 06.03.2018

NEW FEATURES: New MCC Adventures: Two new follow-up adventures to the Mountain Clan Campaign have been added to the game. They’re available in the loot tables of the relevant ventures, and also in the in-game “pre-staging” shop category. New Buildings: The first MCC adventure has a chance to drop a new building: the Meadhall. Additionally, […]