Update 19.09.2023

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Achievement messages now link to the achievement that has been completed. Buildings: Fixed an issue that caused the Elari Barracks skin to break Barracks production. Buildings: The Balloon Market Tribute now provides the correct amount of gifts per Balloon Market Tribute placed. Misc: Fixed an issue that could cause a Locked […]

Update 10.08.2023

NEW FEATURES: New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year’s Anniversary Event, which begins on August 14th!. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Events: Fixed an issue that caused events to not start correctly for some players. Buildings: Residences with a Christmas skin can no longer be moved to unavailable spots. KNOWN ISSUES: There […]

Login problem.

Players who play through the client can enter into the game: Create a client.exe shortcut on the desktop. Click on this shortcut, select properties and in the location, add after client.exe –fastlogin Launch the game via the created shortcut.

Update 13.07.2023

NEW FEATURES: Building skins with a permanent duration will now be returned to the star menu if another skin is applied over them and can be re-used. Building skins with a time-limited duration will be overwritten if another skin is applied over them. Chat: A new chat channel has been added. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievement: […]

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