Update 23.11.2022

NEW FEATURES: New event: Technical implementation of a brand new event – coming very soon! New feature: Upgraded some background technology for TSO! CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: Several buffs can now be deleted. Buffs: The Prestigious Friend Buff will now be applied correctly to newly acquired specialists. Buffs: Made the Spiritual Kinship buff tradeable. Graphics: […]

Changelog 10.11.2022

NEW FEATURES: Backend: Upgraded some background tech. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: UI: Reworked the Trade History panel to display correct data and optimize performance. Combat: The battle report will show the correct amount of hitpoints again. Text: Fixed an issue that caused numbers over one million to be cut off in certain languages. Excelsior: Fixed an […]

Update 19.10.2022

NEW FEATURES: New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year’s Halloween Event, which begins on October 24th! New feature: The “Shady Dealings Hall” in the Trade Office is open for business; keep an eye out for exciting auctions in the future. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buildings: Moveable buildings become highlighted when using […]

Changelog 07.10.2022

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event: The first version of the Halloween Event 2022 has been implemented. Auction Hall: The Shady Dealings Hall in the Trade Office has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: UI: Highlighting in the talent window when it is maxed out is now similar to how it was in Flash. UI: Moveable buildings become […]

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