Changelog 15.05.2024

NEW FEATURES: Summer Event: The first version of the Summer Event is now available on the testserver. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Rewards: Fixed an issue that could cause stacks of Starfall reward chests to disappear without giving loot when opened. Sound: Fixed an issue with male explorer sounds. Quest: The Stop buff can no longer be […]

Changelog 26.04.2024

NEW FEATURES: Sound management system rework: The sound management system has been reworked for better stability and reduced memory consumption. With this rework memory leaks and bugs such as the Concert Hall not changing the background music or the music not playing when toggling sound settings have also been addressed.

Update 13.03.2024

NEW FEATURES: New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year’s Easter Event, which begins on March 18th! Starfall: Added a new repeatable quest chain to Starfall. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: The Arctic Titanium Mine is now affected correctly by the Cookies and Milk buff of the Christmas bakery. Buildings: Fixed an […]

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