Changelog 25.11.2021

NEW FEATURES: Christmas Event 2021: Some new features of the Christmas Event 2021 have been implemented. Please note that these are still work in progress. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: Fixed an issue that made a Prestigious Friend Buff disappear after a few hours. Buffs: Fixed an issue that prevented Guild Certificates from increasing the size […]

Changelog 08.10.2021

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event 2021: The first version of the Halloween Event 2021 has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buff: The Cookies and Milk buff from the Christmas Bakery no longer affects all buildings. Specialist: Fixed a bug that prevented the next row of skills from unlocking for specialists. Zone Error: Resolved several more issues […]

Changelog 24.09.2021

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buildings: Moving a general or a building no longer leaves the old location blocked. Chat: Chat no longer switches to the global chat when it reconnects. Mail: Made some backend improvements to the mail window. Specialists: Sending a general to an adventure via the general window now requires confirmation again. Trade: Fixed […]

Changelog 12.08.2021

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Mail: The mass collection feature is working again. Mail: Mails with attachement can’t be deleted anymore and the attachement has to be collected. Mail: Improved the loading time of the mailbox. Star Menu: Fixed several graphic glitches in the star menu. Star Menu: Explorers are not greyed out despite being usable anymore. […]

Changelog 08.07.2021

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: U191 – Excelsior can’t be muted = The Excelsior animation no longer plays audio if the game is muted. U198 – Resource bar at the top does not open the town hall = Clicking on the resource bar at the top of the screen now opens the town hall menu. U148 – […]

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