Changelog 27.01.2023

NEW FEATURES: New Event: A new event, the Valentine Event 2023, has been implemented! CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Using the “Remove Building” tool will no longer cause a severe decline in performance. Specialist: It is no longer possible to change the unit composition of a busy General. Text: Fixed some localization issues. UI: Fixed an […]

Changelog 10.11.2022

NEW FEATURES: Backend: Upgraded some background tech. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: UI: Reworked the Trade History panel to display correct data and optimize performance. Combat: The battle report will show the correct amount of hitpoints again. Text: Fixed an issue that caused numbers over one million to be cut off in certain languages. Excelsior: Fixed an […]

Changelog 07.10.2022

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event: The first version of the Halloween Event 2022 has been implemented. Auction Hall: The Shady Dealings Hall in the Trade Office has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: UI: Highlighting in the talent window when it is maxed out is now similar to how it was in Flash. UI: Moveable buildings become […]

Changelog 14/19.09.2022

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The offer’s area was enlarged in order to display more offers on the screen. Search filter now searches while typing. Change page buttons were removed. They are not needed anymore because the new list can handle all the offers at once. ‘Refresh offers’ button was removed. The window now refreshes automatically, therefore […]

Changelog 15.07.2022

NEW FEATURES: Black Market update: Items in the Black Market have been updated. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Building: Fixed the sound effect of the Rabbid Statue. Chat: Some fixes to the chat have been made. Chat: History for the guild chat has been restored. Chat: Limited highlighting of the guild logo. Chat: Guild chat tabs now […]

Changelog 12.05.2022

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Made minor improvements to performance when collecting collectibles. UI: Adjusted the width of the star menu scrollbar to be smaller. UI: Scrolling is now possible when hovering over the scrollbar. UI: Reversed the scroll direction in the selling/buying selection trade menu. UI: Adjusted the font size in the star menu so […]

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