Changelog 12.05.2022

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Made minor improvements to performance when collecting collectibles. UI: Adjusted the width of the star menu scrollbar to be smaller. UI: Scrolling is now possible when hovering over the scrollbar. UI: Reversed the scroll direction in the selling/buying selection trade menu. UI: Adjusted the font size in the star menu so […]

Changelog 04.05.2022

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Optimized performance of the star menu. Performance: Optimized performance of the selling/buying selection window in the trade menu: Reworked the search bar so that it works in real time, the search button has been replaced by a button that clears the search field. Includes bug fixes such as items and numbers […]

Changelog 01.04.2022

NEW FEATURES: Easter Event 2022: Some missing assets for the Easter Event 2022 have been added. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: It is no longer possible to apply a second Prestigious Friend Buff before the first one takes effect. Event: Fixed an issue that caused an event specific loading screen to not appear. Specialists: Made further […]

Changelog 09.03.2022

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: We have reworked the production queue. Improvements include: Improved production queue performance, large amount of orders no longer lead to crashes. Eliminated waiting time for operations such as move up/down, cancel the production, cancel all productions and instant finish the production. The user interface of production items is cleaner. Unusable elements are […]

Changelog 28.01.2022

NEW FEATURES: Valentines Event 2022: The Valentines Event 2022 has been implemented. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: Fixed an issue that caused the buffs of the Toy Factory to have a wrong duration. Buildings: Fixed the cooldown cost for the Giant Snow Globe. Buildings: Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown of cultural buildings to be […]

Changelog 25.11.2021

NEW FEATURES: Christmas Event 2021: Some new features of the Christmas Event 2021 have been implemented. Please note that these are still work in progress. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: Fixed an issue that made a Prestigious Friend Buff disappear after a few hours. Buffs: Fixed an issue that prevented Guild Certificates from increasing the size […]

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