Update 20.03.2018

NEW FEATURES: The technical implementation of the Easter Event: a new building, a new specialist and new buffs will become available worldwide on March 26th, at around 10:00 CEST. A new horseshoe buff will be available in the “Epic Items” category at the in-game merchant. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Description of the Quality Shaft skills for […]

Update 20.02.2018

NEW FEATURES: A new quest buff called “Shiny gemstone” is available in the Epic category within the in-game merchant. The PvP water castle now grants space for population depending on the building level. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Several adventures received a new quest structure to enable the security question to finish them: Arctic Explosion, Sleepy Reef, […]

Update 05.12.2017

NEW FEATURES: The implementation of the Jump and Cancel button for the Barracks, the Elite Barracks, the Combat Academy, the Combat Armory, the Provision House and the Rarity Provision House. This will allow you to move orders to the top, bottom or cancel them altogether. The Christmas Event will be technically implemented in the game […]

Update 21.11.2017

NEW FEATURES: The guild market in-game voting system has been technically implemented in the game. The activation will take place later, after further internal tests. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The icon of the medipack has been adjusted. The improved bakery and the recipe for platinum horseshoes have been added to the shop. The Excelsior UI should […]

Update 10.10.2017

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event will be technically implemented in the game and activated on a worldwide basis on October 17th. Bronze Horseshoes buff: Adds 15% movement speed to all generals on an adventure. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The adventure difficulty level will now be displayed in the invitation mail. Wardog stacks are now properly reduced after […]

Update 13.09.2017

NEW FEATURES: The Larsian Silk Cat: New short quest chain, based on the winning entry by Julie3 (can be acquired through short letters). Of Songs and Curses: New venture, based on the winning entry by Thejollyone (can be acquired through rough travel guides). Adventure categorization has been adjusted in order to be easier to understand. […]