Update 10.10.2017

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event will be technically implemented in the game and activated on a worldwide basis on October 17th. Bronze Horseshoes buff: Adds 15% movement speed to all generals on an adventure. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The adventure difficulty level will now be displayed in the invitation mail. Wardog stacks are now properly reduced after […]

Update 13.09.2017

NEW FEATURES: The Larsian Silk Cat: New short quest chain, based on the winning entry by Julie3 (can be acquired through short letters). Of Songs and Curses: New venture, based on the winning entry by Thejollyone (can be acquired through rough travel guides). Adventure categorization has been adjusted in order to be easier to understand. […]

Update 15.08.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Excelsior’s shield icon has been removed. Generals can no longer be sent to an expedition. Resources from colonies can always be claimed now. Currently active expeditions will not show a false status anymore in the Colony Overview. The description of five scenario achievements has been adjusted in order to avoid confusion. The […]

Update 18.07.2017

NEW FEATURES: On July 24th, at 10:00 CEST, we will surprise you with an awesome, never-seen-before, very colourful and exciting event. More details will be published with the event start. New options are available to hide the capacity indicators (full storage, missing resources, sleeping state). CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The quest chain “Mission ‘Free home zone’” […]

Update 26.06.2017

NEW FEATURES: Guaranteed Manuscript, Tome and Codex recipe: Recipe will be guaranteed after a certain amount of tries. Past tries will be taken into account towards the guarantee. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: The Star Menu will now refresh when a specialist’s task has begun. The “Hunter Diversion” quest will now work as intended. The construction and […]

Update 16.05.2017

NEW FEATURES: The new skill tree for generals will be introduced; tooltips and battle reports will now display the additional skills. The construction and deconstruction time for all generals’ garrisons will be halved. The shop limit will be increased for the following specialists: Master of Defence, Master of Martial Arts, Veteran, Battle Hardened General, Savage […]