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Changelog 11.08.2016

  • Adventure: Increased the difficulty and amount of XP for “The Lost City” and “One Step Ahead” to match the level range.
  • Adventure: Slight decrease in difficulty and amount of XP for “Raid of the Nords” and “El Chupacabra” to match the level range.
  • Adventure: Fixed the unlock level for the new ventures and adjusted the time limitation for new ventures.
  • Buff: Epic production chains are now targets for the new zone wide buffs (Epic Woodyard and Epic Farmyard)
  • Graphics: Improved airship animation.
  • Graphics: Updated Icons.
  • Graphics: The Excelsior no longer ignores the night filter.
  • Graphics: Improvements to Excelsior rewards feedback.
  • Production: Adjusting the costs for the Manuscript, Tome and Codex in the Rarity Provision house:
    • Manuscript: 770 Simple Paper, 620 Nib, 32 Coins, 100 Magic Beans (7.5 hours)
    • Tome: 790 Intermediate Paper, 540 Letters, 6 Manuscripts, 100 Magic Beanstalks (9 hours)
    • Codex: 730 Advanced Paper, 520 Book Fittings, 4 Tomes, 100 Star Coins (10,5 hours)
  • Production: Increased the production output of the Epic Farmyard to factor 10 per upgrade level (50 on level 5)
  • Production: Included both horse productions as targets into the Weapon Crafting Guide.
  • UI: Changed Excelsior UI to not reset category after a roll.
  • Achievement: “Sea of Bread” and “Fragrance” now register all fish and meat refillers.
  • Localization: Several improvements to game texts.
  • UI: Sorting by type now works as intended in the star menu.