Changelog 24.05.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Adventure: Interceptions in Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess and Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge now work as intended. Combat: Skills for elite units in battle report are now always showing. Localization: Several text improvements. Quest: The following quests are now about beating bandit leader camps/liberating sectors instead of a higher […]

Changelog 19.05.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Adventure: Fixed trigger and localization for “The Lost Skull”. Adventure: Adjusted several landing spots on ‘The Clever Little Tailor’ so build up process will not be cancelled anymore. Combat: Battle animations will now always play out properly. Generals: Halved the deployment and demolishing time for the Master of Defense. Localization: Included some […]

Update 16.05.2017

NEW FEATURES: The new skill tree for generals will be introduced; tooltips and battle reports will now display the additional skills. The construction and deconstruction time for all generals’ garrisons will be halved. The shop limit will be increased for the following specialists: Master of Defence, Master of Martial Arts, Veteran, Battle Hardened General, Savage […]


Added versions of attacks for adventure Sons Of The Veld – General 270 + MMA + Nusala + Vargus + Anslem with Cannoneers. Updated attacks in adventure Surprise Attack (versions with Nusala).

Generals Skills

Tomorrow in the game will appear general skills. No matter what skills we choose, all guides will remain current (with blocks and without blocks) but we have to remember for generals from tavern not add skills to increase the army’s attack (juggernaut, battle frenzy, overrun, unstoppable charge, etc) Some skills may slightly reduce the losses […]