Update 05.12.2018

NEW FEATURES: The Xmas Event 2018 will be technically implemented into the game and will begin on December 10th at 10:00 CET. Added the new Endless Coal Mine to the Architect category of the in-game shop. Added various Mayor House skins, which can be purchased from the Decoration category of the in-game shop. The “Young […]

Update 20.11.2018

NEW FEATURES: Weekly Challenges are a brand new set of short quest chains that have to be solved within 7 days! If you’re successful, you will be awarded tokens which can be used to upgrade residences. The Training Grounds and Elite Training Grounds are new buildings which boost the recruitment speed of both the Barracks […]

Changelog 08.11.2018

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Balance: Adjustments to the Christmas gift tree gifts. Balance: Adjustments to the weekly challenge. Buffs: The zone buff from the Haunted Mansion has the intended runtime of 1 day now. Ingame Shop: Added decoration items to the Christmas shop category. Ingame Shop: Added Recipe: Smelter Calendar to the Christmas shop category. Ingame […]