Update 23.05.2018

NEW FEATURES: A new fog will now cover the home island. “Sunny Mirage” item has been added to the decorations category of the merchant for 59 gems. It can also be obtained as loot from the following adventure: “The Lost City” “Friar’s Lantern” item has been included into the decoration category of the merchant for […]

Changelog 26.04.2018

NEW FEATURES: Enemy Camp Healthbars: Enemy Camps are now represented by a new bigger health bar to indicate the hitpoints remaining! New UI Improvements: Various UI elements have been improved upon to make player interaction easier: The size of the Trade Office/Sell and Star Menu windows have been increased to show more items and improve […]

Update 24.04.2018

NEW FEATURES: Two new quest buffs have been added to the Epic category at the in-game merchant. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Total limitation of MMA, Veteran and Master of Defense has been increased by 1 in the Black market. It only affects players that did not buy them during the Easter event. You will no longer […]