Changelog 22.06.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Quest: The pre-condition for both “Your First Colony” quests has been changed. Quest: The requirement of the Logistics quest has been updated in order to avoid confusion. UI: The text and picture referring to the daily login bonus have been adjusted in the archive to match the latest functionality. UI: The zone […]

Changelog 14.06.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievement: “Oooh! Shiny!” now counts all gold deposits. Buff: Mail description when friend buffs rarity provision house is now correct. Buff: Appliance confirmation window of renewed zone buffs are now displayed correctly. Options: Finished implementation of new visual options. Quest: “Mastery” now starts at a more appropriate level – 45. Quest: “Finish […]

Changelog 01.06.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Localization: Several small text improvements. UI: Expedition Medipack Icon has been added to the Level up Screen for Lvl 30. UI: Corrected the collectible icons in the adventure “The Lost City”. Stability: Improvements to zone stability.


Added versions of attacks for adventure More Secluded Experiments – General 270 + Nusala + Vargus + Anslem + MMA with Cannoneers. Updated attacks in adventure The Dragon’s Roost (versions with Nusala and Vargus).

Changelog 24.05.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Adventure: Interceptions in Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess and Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge now work as intended. Combat: Skills for elite units in battle report are now always showing. Localization: Several text improvements. Quest: The following quests are now about beating bandit leader camps/liberating sectors instead of a higher […]