Update 23.03.2021

NEW FEATURES: New Event: This year’s Easter Event, a large event with many new specialists, buildings and rewards. Get ready for the egg hunt starting Monday, 29th of March! CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Text: Fixed a localization issue regarding the Mystery Box item.

Changelog 04.03.2021

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Concert Hall: The Concert Hall has been updated with 2 new buffs. Please note that the music for these buffs has not been implemented yet. New Culture Building: The Lovers’ Statue is available now. It can produce various buffs and can be upgraded. New Building: The Wondrous Spring Residence was added to […]

Update 02.03.2021

NEW FEATURES: New [REDACTED]: An ancient [REDACTED] has resurfaced in order to wreak havoc and seek revenge! Band together to fight this dangerous [REDACTED] with a new adventure, building and shop items. Help prevent [REDACTED] on [REDACTED]! CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Adventures: Event bonuses and the Prestigious Friend Buff now affect the Misty Cake adventure. Buildings: […]

Update 26.01.2021

NEW FEATURES: New Event: This year’s Valentine Event, a large event with many new quests, achievements and shop items, has been technically implemented. Help spread the love on Monday, 1st of February! CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buildings: The Brazier decoration now has the correct size. Buildings: The Brazier decoration can now be traded. Text: Fixed various […]

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