Changelog 01.12.2016

NEW FEATURES: Excelsior: The Excelsior airship has received different skins, which can be found at the merchant. UI: Adventure invitations can now be cancelled. UI: Adventures can now be left to free the adventure slot. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Building: Resource producing buildings will now show a floating icon when the warehouse is full. Combat: PvP […]


Updated blocks in adventure The Island Of The Pirates. Added blocks to adventure The Island Of The Pirates for General 200. Updated guide Explorer.

Changelog 23.11.2016

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Xmas Event 2016: Fixed a bug that caused the second-to-last calendar door to reward 4 floating residences instead of 2. Xmas Event 2016: Implemented a new icon for the 2016 version of the xmas achievement “Endoorsement”. Quest: „One Step Ahead” should work again. Localization: Several localization improvements. UI: Christmas presents will now […]

Changelog 17.11.2016

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Adventure: Fixed collectibles not working on excelsior adventures. Adventure: Implemented the tropical/jungle filter on El Chupacabra, One Step Ahead and Valuable Intel. Adventure: Two decoration objects in Save the Christmas Feast and The Stolen Sleigh aren’t selectible anymore to avoid confusion with collectibles. Adventure: Getting into the Christmas Spirit shows no blank […]