Changelog 16.11.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Fixed some syntax errors in certain achievements. Generals: Fixed an issue with Xmas Generals not correctly functioning with the “Fast Learner” trait. Graphics: Fixed an issue with exhausted Gem-Pits which displayed a non-existent building. Quest: Fixed the first Xmas scenario not retroactively counting towards a quest as intended. Quest: The quest […]

Changelog 02.11.2017

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: General: The bonus value of the first rank of the Geologist skill “Quality Copper Mineshafts” is now 15%, up from 8%. Text: Various localisation fixes. UI: Fixed player names in the chat window showing as “SERVER”.

Changelog 26.10.2017

NEW FEATURES: General Mary Christmas’ trait, “Have a Treat!”, increasing the combat XP by 100% has been implemented. The five tiny retro scenarios “Something is wrong”, “Strange looking buildings”, “Like a disease”, “Point of view” and “Side effects” will now reward 100 XP and drop a random retro skin changer buff. A new button for […]