Update 18.10.2016 | | Settlers Online Wiki

Update 18.10.2016

  • The start of the Halloween Event.
  • A decorative item similar to the Pumpkin cemetery is now available in the in-game merchant.
  • The option to disable PvP related tasks from the Pathfinder has been implemented.
  • A red cross is now visible on the failed subquest when “Tikki Island” adventure has been canceled.
  • The window size of the browser is now taken into account when avatar messages are being displayed.
  • The landing zones in “Secluded Experiments” are now consistent for all generals.
  • Enemy camps will not have the aggro zone reactivated as long as the generals are queued in the attack process.
  • Collection avatar messages now open the Mayor’s House as intended if the pop-up is being clicked on.
  • Event limited shop items are now by default non giftable.
  • The Zone Buff tooltip has been increased to avoid truncated text for some language versions.
  • Buff descriptions that incorrectly mention increased duration for friends’ islands have been adjusted.
  • Ongoing Provision House or Rarity Provision House productions are now canceled when a buff adventure is canceled or finished.
  • The Zone Buff displays the premium time correctly when visiting a friend.
  • The trigger for “Books” achievement has been changed.
  • The Economic overview displays the production of the Elite buildings again.
  • The trigger for “The first goldmine” quest is now switched when the building is built.
  • The icon for Shiny Bug Spray is now displaying the glow as intended.
  • Kitty Lure now lists the improved Silo as a possible target.
  • Forest Offerings now lists the Exotic Wood Tree Nursery as a possible target.
  • Kitty Lure and Forest Offerings’ description in the Provision House now follows the new productivity buff layout.
  • The background tile for “Fisherman and his Wife” adventure has been adjusted to avoid a texture cut off.
  • The Bookbinder production time is now displayed accurately when the building is buffed.
  • The long and very long adventure search loot for explorers invested with Wild Determination skill gives out the correct number of map fragments.