Easter Egg Tree

from level ?

Origin: Easter Event 2023 12.999
Easter Event 2023-2024 9.999

Need a patent construction: NO
Build time: 40 seconds
Size building: 2×2 field
Possibility of improving: NO
Can trade: NO
After the demolition returns to star menu: YES

In the building, we can activate zone buffs:

Appearance Name Description Cost Duration Cooldown
Egg Hunt Buffs all explorers to find x2 the base amount od event resources during an event.
Des not stack with Explorers innate abilities and takes precedence over weaker versions.
48 hours 24 days

COOLDOWN TIME (-10% for the building):

Number Of Buildings: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Time: 24d 21.6d 19.2d 16.8d 14.4d 12d 9.6d 7.2d 4.8d 2.4d

Immediately Upgrade a Building: 1

Move a Building: free


Easter Egg Tree (blue) Easter Egg Tree (red)
999 (permanent) 999 (permanent)
Merchant: Building Skins Merchant: Building Skins

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