Other Buildings

Rarity Provision House Training Grounds Elite Training Grounds
Pathfinder Excelsior Love Garden
Footie Pitch Spring Park Snack Stand
Scouting Post Observatory Weather Control Station
Laboratory Gift Christmas Tree Ghost Lantern
Christmas Market Christmas Bakery Harbor
Chocolatier Tree Love Old School Barracks
Lazaret Celebrative Lookout Blacktree
Concert Hall Lover’s Statue Balloon Market
Easter Residence
Population Limit + 40
Village School University
Gingerbread House
Population Limit + 40
Population Limit + 160
Blue Watchtower
Population Limit + 160
Floating Residence
Population Limit + 40
Improved Floating Residence
Population Limit + 140
Settlers Headquarters
Population Limit + 220
Haunted Mansion
Population Limit + 145
Tree House
Population Limit + 150
Small Riverhouse
Population Limit + 40
Wondrous Residence
Population Limit + 140
Wondrous Summer Residence
Population Limit + 140
Wondrous Celebration Residence
Population Limit + 140
Large River House
Population Limit + 60
Water Mansion
Population Limit + 85
Thatched Cottage
Population Limit + 145
Wondrous Halloween Residence
Population Limit + 140
Wondrous Winter Residence
Population Limit + 140
Wondrous Romantic Residence
Population Limit + 140
Wondrous Spring Residence
Population Limit + 140
Swan Boat
Population Limit + 210
Spacious Warehouse Gingerbread Storage Storage Tower
Capacious Warehouse Dark-Roofed Warehouse
Noble Hunter Tribute Residence Tribute
Population Limit + 30
Education Tribute
Warehouse Tribute Friar Tribute Copper Mine Tribute
Excelsior Tribute Mill Tribute Bakery Tribute
Coinage Tribute Golden Coinage Tribute Noble Butcher Tribute
Lettersmith Tribute Noble Bookbinder Tribute Special Bookbinder Tribute
Oil Mill Tribute
Gem Pit Endless Copper Mine Endless Coal Mine
Endless Gold Mine Endless Iron Mine Spooky Bronze Mine
Friary Flower Farm Colored Simple Papermill
Festival Hall Adventure Bookbinder Oil Mill
Titanium Hen Sunflower Farm Token Coinage
Oil Rafinery Spa Grout Factory

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