Changelog 15.01.2021

NEW FEATURES: Valentines Event 2021: The first version of the Valentines Event 2021 has been implemented and some of its content has been added to the shop. These include the Loner General, the Romantic Explorer, the Spa building and the Wondrous Romantic Residence. Please note that the assets are not final yet. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: […]

Changelog 08.10.2020

NEW FEATURES: New Adventure: A new adventure “Bonaberti Business” was added to the testserver shop. New Building: The Wondrous Halloween Residence was added to the event shop. New Bundles: 3 new bundles were added to the event shop. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Specialist: Fixed an issue with the natural 1-Up skill of the Ghost General. Specialist: […]

Changelog 02.10.2020

NEW FEATURES: New General: The Ghost General has been added to the shop. New Building: The Blacktree building, which produces various buffs depending on level and can be upgraded with pumpkins, has been added to the shop in various colors. New Decorations: Palm Tree and Cacti decorations have been added to the shop. New Questchain: […]

Changelog 24.09.2020

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event 2020: Implemented the first version of the Halloween Event 2020. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Changed the Black Mountains achievement to trigger on having a single deposit with 10000 coal. Adventure: The Statues in the Sleeping Volcano adventure can now be targeted by battle buffs. Graphics: Fixed the positioning of the Observatory. […]

Changelog 05.08.2020

NEW FEATURES: Anniversary Event 2020: Implemented the first version of the Anniversary Event 2020. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Fixed an issue that caused the “First-Rate Combat Armory” achievement to get completed by any level 7 building. Adventure: A deco object in the adventure “Dark Brotherhood” is no longer selectable. Buff: The Prestigious Friend Buff now […]

Changelog 25.06.2020

NEW FEATURES: Buildings: Two new tributes, the Coinage Tribute and the Noble Coinage Tribute, are now available for completing challenging new achievements. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buff: Fixed an issue that prevented the Prestigious Friend Buff from affecting Split City adventures. Quest: Adjusted the level ranges and rewards of some daily quests. Graphics: Fixed an issue […]

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