Changelog 13.03.2020

NEW FEATURES: Easter event: The Easter event will be implemented and started. Level 7 Building Upgrades: Additional buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7: Village School, Storage Tower, Noble Residence, Provision House, Friary. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: Explorers will now work properly after the prestigious friend buff was started. Quest: Failed weekly challenge quests […]

Changelog 20.02.2020

NEW FEATURES: Level 7 Building Upgrades: Additional buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7: Foundry, Manor, Improved Watermill, Improved Warehouse, Improved Silo, Deerstalker Hut, Improved Deerstalker Hut, Fish Farm, Improved Farm, Improved Mill, Improved Bakery, Improved Butcher CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Duplicate bonus info from buildings such as the Snack Stand will no longer be […]

Changelog 27.11.2019

NEW FEATURES: Xmas Event: This year’s Xmas Event is now implemented and ready to be tested! Player Level 80: The maximum level cap for players is now Level 80! Level 7 Building Upgrades: Certain buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7. Two new buildings: The Oil Mill and Advanced Toolmaker have been added!

Changelog 19.07.2019

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Building: Noble bookbinder tribute has been adjusted (now it produces manuscripts and cannot be buffed with Bookbinder buffs). Performance: Further asset optimizations. Shop: The Star Charts cannot be purchased twice anymore. Text: Updated several texts.

Changelog 10.07.2019

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buff: The quarter master generals are correctly affected by the Observatory buffs. Building: Updated icon of the Magnificent Watermill. Quest: The buff Sticks and Stones can be applied to friends now. Specialist: The Adventurous Explorer increases the event resource loot by 50% now. Text: Updated several texts.

Changelog 02.07.2019

NEW FEATURES: Crisis Quest: A Crisis is coming towards your island. Are you prepared? Shop: The new Magnificent Watermill is available at the merchant. Achievements: Two new achievements with unique rewards are available for “The Dark Priests” and “Ali Baba and the Third Thief” CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Adjustment of file sizes to help with […]

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