Changelog 08.10.2020

NEW FEATURES: New Adventure: A new adventure “Bonaberti Business” was added to the testserver shop. New Building: The Wondrous Halloween Residence was added to the event shop. New Bundles: 3 new bundles were added to the event shop. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Specialist: Fixed an issue with the natural 1-Up skill of the Ghost General. Specialist: […]

Changelog 02.10.2020

NEW FEATURES: New General: The Ghost General has been added to the shop. New Building: The Blacktree building, which produces various buffs depending on level and can be upgraded with pumpkins, has been added to the shop in various colors. New Decorations: Palm Tree and Cacti decorations have been added to the shop. New Questchain: […]

Changelog 24.09.2020

NEW FEATURES: Halloween Event 2020: Implemented the first version of the Halloween Event 2020. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Changed the Black Mountains achievement to trigger on having a single deposit with 10000 coal. Adventure: The Statues in the Sleeping Volcano adventure can now be targeted by battle buffs. Graphics: Fixed the positioning of the Observatory. […]

Changelog 05.08.2020

NEW FEATURES: Anniversary Event 2020: Implemented the first version of the Anniversary Event 2020. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Achievements: Fixed an issue that caused the “First-Rate Combat Armory” achievement to get completed by any level 7 building. Adventure: A deco object in the adventure “Dark Brotherhood” is no longer selectable. Buff: The Prestigious Friend Buff now […]

Changelog 25.06.2020

NEW FEATURES: Buildings: Two new tributes, the Coinage Tribute and the Noble Coinage Tribute, are now available for completing challenging new achievements. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buff: Fixed an issue that prevented the Prestigious Friend Buff from affecting Split City adventures. Quest: Adjusted the level ranges and rewards of some daily quests. Graphics: Fixed an issue […]

Changelog 05.06.2020

NEW FEATURES: New Bundle: Added the “All Round Package” to the event shop Buildings: The new building “Token Coinage” is now available in the event merchant. Buildings: Added “Pirate Flowerbed Flag” decoration to the event shop. Achievements: Added 9 new achievements associated with level 7 building upgrades. Event: Added Summer Adventure Season bonus to Split […]

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