Changelog 19.07.2019

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Building: Noble bookbinder tribute has been adjusted (now it produces manuscripts and cannot be buffed with Bookbinder buffs). Performance: Further asset optimizations. Shop: The Star Charts cannot be purchased twice anymore. Text: Updated several texts.

Changelog 10.07.2019

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buff: The quarter master generals are correctly affected by the Observatory buffs. Building: Updated icon of the Magnificent Watermill. Quest: The buff Sticks and Stones can be applied to friends now. Specialist: The Adventurous Explorer increases the event resource loot by 50% now. Text: Updated several texts.

Changelog 02.07.2019

NEW FEATURES: Crisis Quest: A Crisis is coming towards your island. Are you prepared? Shop: The new Magnificent Watermill is available at the merchant. Achievements: Two new achievements with unique rewards are available for “The Dark Priests” and “Ali Baba and the Third Thief” CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Performance: Adjustment of file sizes to help with […]

Changelog 28.05.2019

NEW FEATURES: Added Star Chart Recipes for the Observatory to the merchant (black market). CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Improved file packaging to help with long loading times. Adjusted the graphics of the storage tower (football removed) Removed footballs from the storage tower upgrade costs. Added bandit nest to the seasonal adventures. Implemented a new fix for […]

Changelog 29.03.2019

CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buffs: The buffs from the Observatory should now have the intended effect. Buildings: The Haunted Mansion can be built again. Shop: Updated shop prices for the adventure category. Specialists: Princess Zoe now brings the intended amount of items.

Changelog 08.03.2019

NEW FEATURES: Event: The Black Knights have returned! They are not as colorless as during their last visit, but still a threat that needs to be defeated! Shop: The Endless Iron Mine is now available in the shop. CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS: Buildings: The mechanic for the Gift Christmas Tree was reworked. Now you receive a […]