Update 24.01.2017

  • Adventures are now stacked in the Star Menu.
  • A new zone buff relocating the remaining collectibles on the map is now available in the Provision house.
  • The arctic iron mine received by opening the calendar door 30 will no longer be recurring.
  • Newly acquired specialists can now be sorted by date in the Star Menu.
  • PvP camps will no longer change their troops during the attack.
  • A subquest of “Mysterious Anonymous Threat” has been adjusted to be meet the level 53 requirements.
  • Premium loot will always be granted when an adventure finishes during premium time.
  • A tropical filter has been applied in the El Chupacabra, One Step Ahead and Valuable Intel ventures.
  • The game responsiveness has been increased when applying buffs on buildings.
  • Avatar messages for applying blueprints to the Rarity Provision House and Epic Farmyard will now display a proper icon.
  • Quest names for Adventure Bonus quests are now consistent with one another.
  • The help window for the star menu is now updated.
  • The daily login reward bonus text displays the plural form of the word “Crystal” now.
  • The quest buff “Bart, the Barterer” is now consistent between different language versions.
  • Upon reaching the level cap, the XP from adventures will be converted into Star Coins at a 1 star coin for 1000 XP rate.
  • The XP from Fairy tale adventures at level 75 will not be converted into magic beans as it used to be with level 50. You will get Star coins instead.