Changelog 04.03.2016

  • Shop: Added a new shop category to make high level content available for testing.
  • Adventure: More landing spots in the “Arabian Nights” adventures are now usable
  • Adventure: Rearanged the camps in “secluded Experiments” to ensure the player has to defeat other camps before the boss
  • Adventure: The previously empty enemy camp in “Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom” now contains units
  • Adventure: The bosses in the “Northern” adventures do not have an aggression zone anymore
  • Buff: Sandman’s Powder shows the correct name after usage
  • Map: Transporter generals have been adjusted to fit the regular landing fields
  • Map: Elements of the map have been adjusted to the state of the live map
  • Map: Additional blocking grids in Sector 8/9 removed
  • PvP: Already placed defense buildings cannot be placed again
  • PvP: The “visit friend adventure” button is now usable in defense mode
  • Shop: Mystery Boxes now have the chance to contain more items
  • UI: Friend accepted adventure invite / Adventure started notifications showing correctly
  • UI: Added flyout animation for mystery box rewards

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