Changelog 04.05.2016

  • Event: Added soccer event loot to the Arabian nights adventures and rebalanced all football loot rewards.
  • Event: Removed the tutorial quest “Player Skills” from the “Practice Match” adventure. Instead, the main quest.
  • Event: Reduced SoccerField buffs cooldown from 24h to 23h.
  • Event: Summer Event localization fixes.
  • Event: Tactical items now have the same costs in the Rarity Provision House as in the regular Provision House.
  • “The First Game” now explains that players can check the enemy soccer players’ skills by clicking on them.
  • Pathfinder: Added visual feedback that rewards accomplished task have been received.
  • Pathfinder: Players now always get the rewards after 3/6/9 completed tasks.
  • Pathfinder: Removed an avatar notification for completing tasks without having the Pathfinder.
  • Pathfinder: Several quest triggers have been corrected.
  • Stability: Zone stability improved for adventures and colonies.
  • UI: Added text and avatar message icon for Generals transferring to the Star Menu.
  • UI: Fixed incorrect avatar messages when buffing friends with Barazek and Chocolate Bunny.
  • UI: “Go to shop” buttons on event widgets now always link to the event’s shop category instead of the first category.
  • UI: It is now possible again to open the overview of generals during the attacking phase.

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