Changelog 04.05.2017

  • Adventure: Bounty Hunter star coins are now calculated correctly when using Premium Time.
  • Building: Decorative buildings will now show a different teardown text which does not mention buffs.
  • Combat: Fixed battle report skill selection to include pre-combat armies rather than resulting one.
  • Graphics: Replaced neutral combat speed icon.
  • Help: Replaced Quartermaster Claus with the Quartermaster General on the banner of the archive entry on unit types.
  • Localiziation: Added several text improvements.
  • Production: Exchanged tooltips for units in the production overview.
  • Recalculation: Calculating island activity during logout time is now more consistent.
  • Stability: Increased the stability of the island.
  • UI: Added tooltips to unit icons in the production detail view.
  • UI: Reworked the display of skills in battle report mails and battle reports.
  • UI: The explorer window will now resize properly.
  • UI: A variety of fixes to display battle report skills where appropriate.

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