Changelog 04.08.2016

  • Category costs: All were set to 1 crystal. The resource amounts were lowered to match the new costs.
  • Fairytale Book: EXP decreased slightly to match the focus of each category type:
    • Focus for letters: Experience points
    • Focus for travel guides: Industrial mines and refiller
    • Focus for fairy tale book: Epic farmyard and blueprints
  • Graphic: A dummy animation for the airship was included. This animation is not final and will still be adjusted.
  • Graphic: Flyout effect for rewards in the Excelsior was adjusted.
  • Graphic: Added a lot of new graphics.
  • Ingame Shop: Added a mystery box to the prestaging category (rewards of snow white adventure) to test the epic farmyard.
  • Letter – Short: Difficulty and EXP decreased to match lvl 21+.
  • Letter – Normal: Difficulty and EXP increased to match lvl 37+.
  • Letter – Long: Difficulty and EXP increased to match lvl 53+. Corresponding quest chains will give 50 gems or the manuscript recipe.
  • Rough Travel Guide: Difficulty and EXP decreased to match lvl 28+. Changed for “Dragon’s Roost” venture (“Valuable Intel” to follow).
  • Sound: Several sounds for the Excelsior are implemented. Those sounds are not final and still might be adjusted.
  • UI: Reward pop up after completing a compilation was removed. The item does appear at the button and performs a flyout.
  • Other: Small balancing improvements.
  • Other: Many other smaller bugfixes.

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