Changelog 05.06.2020

  • New Bundle: Added the “All Round Package” to the event shop
  • Buildings: The new building “Token Coinage” is now available in the event merchant.
  • Buildings: Added “Pirate Flowerbed Flag” decoration to the event shop.
  • Achievements: Added 9 new achievements associated with level 7 building upgrades.
  • Event: Added Summer Adventure Season bonus to Split City adventures.
  • Text: Added missing texts for Sunflower Fertilizer in the Star Menu.
  • Text: Fixed wrong Sunflower Farm description in the merchant. Now displays correct duration of 90 minutes.
  • Graphics: Adjusted Friar Tribute positioning. It is now displayed in the center of its occupied grids.
  • Graphics: The skill of the Mad Scientist now displays the correct symbol.

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