Changelog 06.03.2018

  • New MCC Adventures: Two new follow-up adventures to the Mountain Clan Campaign have been added to the game. They’re available in the loot tables of the relevant ventures, and also in the in-game “pre-staging” shop category.
  • New Buildings: The first MCC adventure has a chance to drop a new building: the Meadhall. Additionally, the second MMC adventure has a chance to drop another new building: the Smokehouse! These are also available in the in-game “pre-staging” shop category.
  • Culture Building Bonuses: The functionality for bonuses from multiple culture buildings has now been implemented. This can also be tested with the new buildings added today e.g. Meadhall & Smokehouse!
  • Adventures: The first Mountain Clan Campaign Adventure has received some rebalancing.
  • UI: Further improvements have been made to the building highlighting visual effect.

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