Changelog 06.04.2017

  • Graphics: Implemented new icons for Sniper Training, Fast Learner and Jog.
  • UI: Battle report mails now include an overview about the used and lost units.
  • UI: Implemented general skills to be shown in combat report mail.
  • Buff: Battle buffs now also work on the archipelago islands.
  • Combat: Battle report mails are now displayed correctly, even if there has been no casualty in a fight.
  • General Skill: The “Send Generals” window will always now show the correct travel time.
  • UI: The adventure invitation will show up again in the news channel message.
  • UI: Added combatant icon to specialist tool tip.
  • UI: While confirming to delete an item, the background now cannot be interacted with anymore.
  • Localization: Updated several texts.

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