Changelog 09.09.2016

  • Achievements: Halloween achievements are now consistent.
  • Achievements: Achievements now specify which type of adventures are counted.
  • Adventure: Objective of the quest “The curse’s victims” in El Chupacabra has been reworded.
  • Adventure: The overview text for “The fisherman and his wife” now mentions “magic beans” instead of “beans”.
  • Adventure: Bag of Fake Coins in “A Vigilante’s Insignia” now costs 200 coins.
  • Adventure: The popup message for collecting clues in “One Step Ahead” now correctly names clues.
  • Buffs: While visiting the island of a friend, the amount of Zone Buffs is now displayed correctly.
  • Event: Golem heart does not refill anymore when reaching 0.
  • Event: Depleted pumpkin fields can be refilled with special fertilizers from the shop.
  • Graphics: Added icons to the messages triggered by several events in ventures.
  • Graphics: The size of the icons of the rewards from the Excelsior are now consistent.
  • Localization: Several text improvements.
  • Stability: Improvements to reduce the frequency of locked zones.
  • UI: Several improvements to the Excelsior UI.

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