Changelog 10.01.2024

  • Trade: Operators work in the trade menu again (“|” for “and”, “^x” for “starts with x”, “x$” for “ends with x”
  • Locked Zone: Fixed various issues that could cause locked zones.
  • Crash: Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash after completing the Starfall quest line.
  • Map: Crystal Formations now spawn after the Radiation Sickness quest.
  • Map: Anomalous Materials quest will now spawn the correct amount of motes (*).
  • Items: Forerunner now requires ingredients to craft in the Provision House.
  • Items: S.C.R.A.P.P.E.R. MK I now produces Star Shards as intended.
  • Items: Fixed an issue that prevented players from using Stardust Mote Collection Kits.
  • Items: Adjusted crafts so it is no longer possible to lock yourself out of completing the quest Residue Processing.
  • Items: Fixed an issue that caused crafts for the quest Shipshape to not appear in the Provision House.
  • Items: Fixed an issue that prevented Forerunner Heading Coordinates from being crafted.
  • Quest: The quest Between A Rock And A Hard Place now asks for the correct Chem Blast Charges.
  • Rewards: Compendium Mystery Boxes now give out the correct loot.
  • Graphics: Added some missing icons.

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